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New Video Series “Rocket Stove 2020”

Dean Still and Sam Bentson have started collaborating on a series of videos that explain the basics of how Rocket Stoves work, so that stove designers and stove users can get the best performance out of this popular stove design. In this first installment, “Time and Temperature,” Dean explains the importance of high combustion temperature […]

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Setting Up a New Lab in Rwanda

Aprovecho’s General Manager Sam Benston recently returned from a trip to Rwanda, where he helped to set up a new ISO compliant cookstove lab. Here are some photos and information from Sam about his work there: I was installing the LEMS (Laboratory Emissions Monitoring System) and PEMS (Portable Emissions Monitoring System) and the rest of […]

Heat Exchangers for Heating Stoves

When analyzing a system, try to improve the least efficient part first.  There are three types of heat exchangers generally used to capture the heat produced in a combustion chamber. The hot flue gases can: Heat mass, like heavy stone or masonryHeat water which then warms the house or…The easiest and least expensive route – […]

Flame and Flow Impressions

Dr. Larry Winiarski would remind me to imagine the languid rising of smoke from a cigarette when thinking about the velocity of natural draft gases in the Rocket stove.  I remember Larry saying that rising smoke is sexy, contemplative, and slow. Sam Bentson, General Manager of ARC, and Chenkai Wang, Division Business Manager of SSM, […]