Project Planning Tool for Stove Interventions

Sam Bentson, Lab Manager at ARC, has developed an Excel planning tool that estimates the health protection from various kinds of stove interventions. All over the world, stove projects are working to reduce pollution and their successes help to lower the health risk. Not adding to the levels of pollution, both in and outside the home, is a new and difficult goal. Reducing adverse health effects requires the new stove to be one part of an intervention taken to improve a medical disorder. The intervention involves many infield factors that have a lot of influence on the effectiveness of the whole package. How to improve the effectiveness of a pill in real life situations is a topic that has received considerable attention. Crafting the successful stove intervention requires equal amounts of investigation and analysis.

Sam crafted the Stove Project Planning Tool to include many possible interventions and his model will calculate the theoretical effectiveness, including indoor and outdoor pollution concentrations and, when coupled with the HAPIT tool, estimate the lives saved. You might be surprised by some results!

We recommend trying the model to get a feeling for the potential in various types of interventions.

Download  the tool (Excel).

Read  the documentation.

Feel free to contact Sam Bentson for support or to discuss your findings.

Screenshot from the planning tool showing the text based inputs and results.

Screenshot from the planning tool showing the graphical inputs and results.