“Aprovecho Research Center has represented the vanguard of clean cookstove theory and practice for over thirty years. Their broad skillset in cookstove design, operation and analysis has led to a string of global successes, both in the laboratory and the field. Their attention to detail and cultural nuance has also helped them design geographically appropriate products that respond to changes in user preference and fuel type. In Honduras, back in 1998, consultants from Aprovecho designed the first iterations of Trees, Water & People’s Justa griddle stove, which has become the flagship design for all subsequent griddle cookstoves in Mesoamerica. Thanks to all that are part of the Aprovecho community for their tireless dedication and painstaking efforts to elevating the quality and effectiveness of the clean cooking sector.”

The publications index includes popular books and articles from the ARC library. The newest book “Clean Burning Biomass Cookstoves, 2nd Edition” (2021) summarizes a three year DOE funded R&D project, and learnings from the last five years of research. The 2nd download is comprised of CAD drawings showing how to manufacture the ‘Tier 4’ stoves described in the book.

This list includes articles by Peter Scott and other authors who investigated stoves at ARC. Many of the papers describe how various stoves can be built. Field studies conducted by USAID are also listed.