Summer Stove Camp 2015

Two Prizes at Upcoming Stove Camp

Stove Camp is designed to assist small groups to solve stove problems. This year we are offering two prizes ($250) for:
The best TLUD burning manure
The best bread oven
The ARC staff will help the groups to build and test new wonderful inventions using state of the art emission equipment. After camp, we will write up what was learned and publish the results.

The teams that win also receive the coveted 2014 “Cat Pee” Awards, named in honor of Kirk Smith who tells the legendary cat pee story in his lectures. Three interns at ARC are learning every day how to burn manure (and found fuels from the forest) in TLUDs. And there are bread oven experts tuning up their entries. See banner below for reservation information!


11 Pounds of Fuel = 66 Pounds of Food

Bread ovens can be extremely fuel efficient. It’s a lot easier to heat air than water! One of Larry Winiarski’s ovens baked 66 pounds of bread using 11 pounds of wood. The very hot gases flow in a small channel over the surface of a 33 gallon steel drum that is encased by a sealed 55 gallon drum. As you can see in the drawing, the bread sits on shelves inside the inner drum. The hot gases first contact the bottom of the inner drum, then the sides and top, before exiting out the chimney. This is a “white” oven. The soot doesn’t touch the bread. “Black” ovens are great, too.

There will be many new types of bread ovens at this year’s Stove Camp, beginning on July 21st and ending on July 25th. Let’s make ovens that will be astoundingly good! Eat bread, cookies, and cake with some delicious hot coffee at our beautiful new campus in the woods.