Support Aprovecho’s Internship Program

A primary goal of our work has always been to inspire and inform the current and next generation of leaders in this sector. As part of this goal, we frequently host interns from across the country and the world to collaborate with us at our campus.

Please consider supporting this powerful program with a tax deductible donation to help cover the living expenses for one or two people at a time while they serve as interns at the ARC campus for 3 to 12 months. The benefits of the internship program are many-fold. Interns learn the best practices of the industry, gain new and valuable knowledge, and make lucrative connections. Interns are encouraged to present their work at the ETHOS conference.

The presence of the interns at Aprovecho allows the permanent staff to leverage their expertise and direct more detailed and better documented research. It also widens the lab’s research bandwidth while staff is away for consultancies. Previous interns have gone on to launch successful cookstove companies (Burn, Biolite, Trees Water People, and Prakti just to name a few) around the world!

Aprovecho Research Center is a 501(c )3 organization.