Emissions Equipment

“Aprovecho facilitated our early understanding of clean cookstoves, and the PEMS unit we ordered has proved an invaluable R&D tool for the exploration and refinement of our products.”


In 2003, ARC began to investigate how to design and build clean burning stoves. To do this, we needed equipment that would quantify the amounts of smoke and carbon monoxide. The first emissions hood in the lab was a complicated and expensive affair that didn’t always work. Many ARC engineers and researchers have spent years improving the equipment making it more accurate, less expensive, durable, and easier to use. Without the LEMS we would essentially be blind because gases are invisible and small amounts of smoke are impossible to accurately measure by eye. Now researchers all around the world can improve stoves as they make one change after another in prototypes:

Click on the photos of the LEMS, PEMS, and IAP meter below for full descriptions.

The LEMS meets all of the ISO 19867 requirements for a lab that will do testing and improvement of cookstoves. It can be customized for integrated measurements of thermal and fluid properties of combustion. We recommend the LEMS to any serious researcher.

The portable PEMS can be carried to remote locations and serve as a portable laboratory. It can also be configured for household measurements.

The IAP meter takes measurements of CO and PM2.5 near the nose and mouth of the cook to estimate personal exposure.

Extensive training modules are available which cover the science of cookstove measurements and the state of the art of cookstove design. Training can occur at our facility for visiting researchers for extended periods, and is typically a two to three week event as part of the laboratory setup package.