Regional Testing and Knowledge Centers

A major work of Aprovecho Research Center for the past 15 years has been the creation of Regional Testing and Knowledge Centers (RTKCs). These facilities rely heavily on emissions equipment and training from Aprovecho Research Center. They are often created at University in a developing country, and are initially funded by large development organizations such as the Clean Cooking Alliance.

The RTKCs and other labs that have been set up around the world using our Emissions Testing Equipment are shown here:

The best RTKCs are lead by the best people. The best people posses integrity, grit, and specialized training. For testing to be effective, it must be done well.  This requires proper training, procedures, and equipment.  ARC works to build creative capacity at these regional testing centers where locals will become experts in stove design, testing and evaluation so that they can improve stove designs in their own communities.

Today regional testing centers:

  • Provide ongoing support to stove projects, through grant-based funding or by charging fees for testing services,
  • Have quality equipment and an experienced, knowledgeable staff capable of interpreting the results, and
  • Understand stove design in order to help identify problems and recommend improvements.

Regional testing centers (most with a PEMS or LEMS manufactured by ARC) that are being established include:

ARC maintains ongoing relationship with these testing centers, sharing discoveries and experiences, and continuing to support their efforts to help develop better stoves in their communities. Transferring the technology and knowledge to local organizations is an essential part of widespread adoption of improved cook stoves.