Indoor Air Pollution Meter (IAP Meter)

The portable meter can be worn in a backpack with a sampling point near the nose and mouth of the user. The resulting carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate matter (PM2.5) measures (with a site specific gravimetric calibration) provide an accurate assessment of personal exposure.

The IAP Meter is easy to use, requiring little training or specialized skills. A sample rate switch allows the user to measure an air sample every 10 seconds, every minute, or every 10 minutes. The data is automatically stored in an SD memory card for later transfer to a computer. No connection to a computer is necessary to launch or read the meter, and the automated data processing and analysis software is included. The IAP Meter can log data for up to 30 days without recharging the battery. Download the specifications for the IAP meter and the manual.

In 2013 ARC developed a system that can be constructed in country to use the IAP Meter to capture and measure total stove emissions. The system has proved to be highly accurate for measuring relative changes needed for iterative development of stoves.

Contact Sam Bentson for more information.

A close-up of the latest IAP meter.