VIDEO: Laboratory Emissions Monitoring System (LEMS) Assembly with Aprovecho Research Center

Please watch on YouTube:

The “LEMS” is Aprovecho’s Laboratory Emissions Monitoring System, used to evaluate cookstove efficiency and emissions profiles around the world. The LEMS is designed to be a low cost, easy to use system that can be implemented by anyone, in labs across in the world. This LEMS instructional video shows the basic steps of setting up the LEMS infrastructure in your laboratory. If you have already purchased a LEMS, this is a great tool for helping you to unpack and set up your system. If you are interested in learning more about the LEMS, this video can help you explore the system and its space requirements in your lab.

This equipment is available for purchase through Aprovecho, and is made in house by ARC engineers. We also offer full training packages on how to set up and use the LEMS, either at our lab here in Oregon, or at your lab almost anywhere in the world.

Currently, the LEMS is used by labs in more than fifteen countries around the world, and by several universities and stove manufacturers in the United States. This includes many Regional Testing and Knowledge Centers organized by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. Contact Aprovecho Research Center or check out our website for more information about these programs and the LEMS.