TLUDs can cook

Stove Camp has ended, the fires have been put out, and the messes are (mostly) cleaned up. We are left knowing one thing for sure: TLUDs can cook.

Kirk Harris and Zhang Yue accept the Cat Pee award.

Zhang Yue and Kirk Harris won the Cat Pee award. While the award is named in farce, it represents the recognition by the campers of the hard work that the two gentlemen put into creating a clean burning and practical stove for China. The main work done to the stove that Kirk brought to Stove Camp was the addition of a cooking surface with a skirt that fits a large wok. The stove has the high power needed for Chinese cooking – a fact that Zhang Yue gratefully learned when Aprovecho’s propane tank ran dry. We appreciated Kirk’s expert craftsmanship and engineering sensibility as he mentored our intern Zhang Yue during their work together. Zhang Yue has returned to the Bejing Univeristy of Chemical Technology and looks forward to sharing his knowledge with Chinese researchers and manufacturers.

We would also like to specifically thank Art Donnelly and Paul Anderson for attending and hope that their learnings under the hood will bring us all closer to the manufacture of quality TLUDs.

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