Stove Camp August 15 – 19, 2016

Stove Camp is a hands on workshop where everybody from inventors to policy makers come together to solve cook stove related problems. Whether you have an idea for a stove and want to see it built and running under the emissions hood, or you need to learn what are the known solutions to the many challenges in the world of cook stoves, dedicated and experienced ARC staff will be available to help.

Photo: Putting the pieces together at Stove Camp.

As always, Stove Camp will give folks a chance to test stoves with the two emissions hoods.

Two classes per day include how to make 5 new ‘Tier 4’ stoves developed with DOE funding.

Learn from Kirk Harris and Dr. TLUD how to make a new generation of super clean TLUDs with turn down!

See PM 2.5 lowered 75% with inexpensive filters!

A $250 prize is awarded to the team that makes the most progress, proven by testing here in the lab, on the creation of a $10 ‘Tier 4’ stove.

Food will be purchased and prepared by the campers (to keep costs as low as possible) on TLUDs, forced draft stoves, retained heat cookers, beautiful new ovens, Rocket stoves, charcoal stove, etc. There will be lots of music, great conversation, contemplative walks in the new Lazy Path Garden, watching the moon and stars, and swimming in the river 300 yards from the lab.

The cost is $400 for the week. Camp on site (free) or stay in town in a motel.

For all details contact:

InStove is hosting The Stove Summit before Stove Camp. Dr. TLUD has a Bio-Char seminar here the weekend after Stove Camp and Oregon State University follows with another Bio-Char conference. Check it out!