VIDEO: “A Look Inside: Shenzhou Stove Manufacturer”

Recently, ARC engineers visited our partner factory Shenzhou Stove Manufacturer in China. ARC and SSM have been partners in cookstove research and manufacturing since 2006. For eight years, ARC has provided SSM with improved cookstove and accessory designs which go into high-volume manufacturing and eventually mass distribution to countries world-wide. In this video, we’ll take a short tour through the factory and speak to the Shen’s about the future of SSM. Additionally, ARC unveils five new super clean-burning cookstove prototypes that will be considered for mass production in 2015.

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ETHOS 2015 Registration and Abstract Submission

As many of you know, the yearly ETHOS conference (January 23-25) is located at NorthWest University in Kirkland, Washington. ETHOS was created 14 years ago to bring the lab and field closer together, to give field and lab workers a place to exchange knowledge and ideas.

This is an especially interesting year! The Department of Energy funded six projects to research and create ‘Tier 4’ stoves: biomass cookstoves that protect human health and address climate change. These projects will report their progress and ‘Tier 4’ stoves will be displayed and lit in the courtyard!

The Global Alliance has also accomplished so many things this year, just recently having fund raised 700 million dollars for stove projects. ETHOS provides a space for interacting and asking questions. What is happening with the ISO standards? What do the new WHO guidelines mean for stove projects?

To register and for more information see: