Stove Usage and Performance Are Like Butter and Toast

Selected Sentences from:

Quantitative Guidance for Stove Usage and Performance to Achieve Health and Environmental Targets, Michael A. Johnson, Ranyee A. Chiang, Env. Health Perspectives (2015)

ventaliation pic

  • ‘Ventilation can be part of, or a primary intervention strategy’
  • “Stove performance and usage must be considered together, as lower performing stoves can result in similar or greater fuel savings than a higher performing stove if the lower performing stove has considerably higher displacement of the baseline stove.
  • “There are multiple performance-usage scenarios for achieving modest indoor air quality improvements.”
  • “ALRI relative risk for children under five could be reduced from ~3 to 2 with Indoor Emissions Tier 3… stoves displacing 88% TSF usage”
  • “A systematic laboratory study showed that ventilation can reduce indoor concentrations of PM2.5 by as much as 60% (Ruth et al. 2014).”
  • ‘ reported median indoor PM2.5 concentrations were half as much for those cooking outdoors compared to indoors (Rosa et al. 2014). ‘
  • ‘in comparison to the IWA:2012 ventilation rate of 15 ACH, higher ventilation rates of 25-45 ACH would allow three-stone-fire usage for 2 – 3 times longer before WHO PM2.5 targets are exceeded.’