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Here are some videos about Aprovecho and our work. There are also many videos in the Newsletter section.


Ashden Award

Emission Hood

LEMS Calibration, 2 point (English)

LEMS Calibration, 3 point, ISO 19867

LEMS CO and CO2 bias check, Part 1, ISO 19867

LEMS CO and CO2 bias check, Part 2, ISO 19867

LEMS Assembly (English)

Step-by-step How to use the LEMS

Narrative of CCT training in Laos

The Particulars of Starting the LEMS

The Particulars of Starting the LEMS: Sensor Box 30xx

Installing software for the LEMS: Sensor Box 30xx

Using TeraTerm to Record Sensor Box Data

LEMS Data Processing – Statistics

IAP Meter

Basics of Using the IAP Meter


Dean Still Explains the Newest Advances in Clean Burning Stoves

Clean Burning Biomass Cookstoves: Advancing R&D on Super Clean Stoves

The webinar was made on May 18, 2016 by Winrock International and the U.S. EPA. It first appeared here.

Aprovecho Spring 2012 Workshop: Dean Still explains why wood is a superior fuel source

Ryan’s Miracle

Aprovecho February 2013 Regional Testing & Knowledge Center Training

Aprovecho Spring 2012 Workshop: Institutional Stove Project Update

Aprovecho Spring 2012 Workshop: Mike Hatfield talks about an early stove design failure

Aprovecho Spring 2012 Workshop: Meet some of the participants

Insider’s look at Stove Camp 2011


The VITA Stove

Lee teaches about the StoveTec Kit Stove

How to build a Rocket Stove

Simple Improvements to Kerosene Lamps

History and Design of the Institutional Stove

How to Make the Institutional Stove (Part 1 of 8)

Part: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8