Black Carbon Add-On for ARC Emissions Monitoring System

We are excited to share that Aprovecho Research Center has developed a simple add on and protocol for measuring Black Carbon with the Emissions Monitoring System.

The BC add on for the ARC EMS with Gravimetric deposits a sample of PM2.5 in a second sample train that runs in parallel with the gravimetric sample train. The BC sample train shares the sample pump of the gravimetric sample train. A separate critical orifice with a lower (3 LPM) flow rating is used as well as a separate filter holder, sample port, and cyclonic particle separator. Having a separate BC sample train allows for PM2.5 and BC samples of different masses to be collected simultaneously, and for different types of filter media to be used.

Separate analysis of the sample can be done using commercially available platforms that measure the optical reflectance or transmittance of the loaded filter or using the thermo-optical method.

Please email for more information and pricing.

Creating a WBT variation for determining thermal efficiency of heating and cooking stoves

ARC is working on developing a protocol for testing the emissions and thermal efficiency of high mass heating and cooking stoves. The standard WBT only counts the heat that enters into the pot. In many locations stoves not only serve as tools for cooking food, but also as heaters of the indoor space. The standard WBT does not account for the added benefit of heating. In the US high mass heating stoves are also gaining in popularity and there is not adequate evaluation of the fuel use efficiency or the emissions of these stoves. In the next few months ARC will be adapting existing heating stove test protocols and developing an instrument package add on for the EMS for testing these stoves.

Stay Tuned!

Thermal Efficiency