Rocket stoves intended for refugees in Europe

Bob Hodgson sent us some photos and description of Rocket stoves intended for refugees in Europe. He writes: “…although we had planned on getting some institutional sized versions done, the situation rapidly changed meaning that although they would have been ideal, their size/bulk made them difficult to relocate in a hurry – so we compromised and made up a batch of medium size portable stoves with pot skirts and pots, along with cooking equipment, food supplies and hayboxes to make their fuel stretch further – allowing groups of up to 20 or so to be fed with one stove. Stoves were built up in the familiar industrial cans with insulated stainless steel rocket elbows/shelves. We had those stainless parts locally fabricated & laser cut to a design I did – skirts were made from recycled oil cans cut to to fit catering stockpots, and hayboxes improvised from builders rubble sacks lined with straw/survival blankets – we managed to organize a team of volunteers to assemble these last weekend and got a bit of a production line going!”

His team is looking for funds to build more stoves and we’re happy to pass the donations along to him.

Stoves for Europe