How to build cleaner burning stoves

How to Build Cleaner Burning Stoves

For the last two years Aprovecho has been funded by the US Department of Energy to research and develop ‘Tier 4’ stoves. Three surveys were conducted of available cleaner burning stoves to determine techniques that resulted in Tier 4 scores on the IWA measures. The most effective techniques were then analyzed and improved using the iterative modeling and development method. A book detailing the results is being prepared that will include CAD drawings of five stoves that achieved Tier 4 on many of the nine metrics. The book will be published before October, 2015.

The following video introduces the design principles that resulted in cleaner burning stoves when measured by the WBT 4.2.2. The five stoves are now being field tested in six countries using the CCT. The goal is to learn how cleaner burning stoves that please cooks can be sold at market prices. The most market viable stoves will be manufactured by Shengzhou Stove Manufacturer in China. At the same time, all of the information will be available to anyone interested and will be open-source.

Thank you so much to the Department of Energy who has supported this work. It’s been a great pleasure to have the time and resources to develop cleaner burning stoves.

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