2015 ETHOS conference is fast approaching!

After ETHOS Open House at ARC

open house at ARC

This year’s ETHOS conference is fast approaching! As a friendly reminder, deadlines for abstracts and registration are due on January 1st. Both can be submitted on ethoscon.com via the Registration page.

Aprovecho Research Center’s annual “After ETHOS Open House” will begin on Tuesday, January 27th and end on Thursday, January 29th. Emissions testing will take place throughout each of the three days of the open house, from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

This is the perfect opportunity to bring your stove experiments to Aprovecho and to perform emissions testing under ARC’s LEMS (Laboratory Emissions Monitoring System) installations, as well as work to improve your cookstove designs alongside ARC engineers.

The cost to attend is $100 expected to be paid upon arrival in cash or check, to register please contact Jill Allen via email at jill@aprovecho.org. If you are interested in hotel and restaurant information, please include any questions in your email.

We hope to see you here!

For additional information on ETHOS 2015,
please visit https://ethoscon.com

WHO Indoor Air Quality Guidelines

world health org

The World Health Organization recently published the ‘WHO indoor air quality guidelines: household fuel combustion, (2014)’. The guidelines add to the concurrent ISO IWA work on voluntary standards for biomass cook stoves. In fact, the two efforts are closely aligned as both use the same metric (mg/minute) and the amounts of PM estimated to protect health are closely aligned. Unlike the ISO standards, the WHO guideline numbers are for stoves with and without chimneys.

Unfortunately, even very improved biomass cook stoves with fans (or the best TLUDs) generally do not meet either the unvented WHO PM 2.5 guideline or the Tier 4 Indoor Emissions PM 2.5 standard. On the other hand, there are groups of stoves that, in lab tests, emit substantially less than the vented WHO PM guideline. As well, many very improved stoves can even meet the WHO and ISO CO guidelines for unvented stoves. Adding chimneys (or other venting technologies) to stoves has always been a good idea!

Intermediate WHO PM 2.5 unvented guideline: 1.75mg/min

ISO Tier 4 Indoor Emissions of PM 2.5: 2mg/min

Intermediate WHO PM 2.5 vented guideline: 7.1 mg/min

Intermediate WHO CO unvented guideline: 0.35g/min

ISO Tier 4 Indoor Emissions of CO:
.42 g/min

Intermediate WHO CO vented guideline: 1.45g/min