Support the Regional Testing and Knowledge Center Internship Program

A major accomplishment of the past five years has been the creation of thirty Regional Testing and Knowledge Centers (RTKCs). Many of these facilities rely on emissions equipment and training from Aprovecho Research Center. They are usually created as an addition to a university in a developing country, and were initially funded by large development organizations such as the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

The best RTKCs are led by great and devoted people. They possess integrity, grit, and specialized training. The people working in these RTKCs often come from poor rural areas and have made the choice to help mothers, children, and communities by creating improved cook stoves. Their grit is apparent when they tell stories of the path out of poverty. Their integrity is proven when they make the choice to go back and help their communities.

They could use your help with specialized training.

We are asking for your tax deductible donation to help cover the living expenses for staff from the RTKC who spend 3 to 6 months at our lab learning how to test and improve stoves. Aprovecho Research Center is a 501(c)3 organization and your donation is tax deductible. A large and much appreciated donation of $15,000 per year started and maintains the current internship program. It would be great to provide the training to more staff from the RTKCs!

The benefits of the internship program are many-fold. Interns learn the best practices of the industry, gain new and valuable knowledge, and make lucrative connections. Interns are encouraged to present their work at the ETHOS conference.

The experience gained during the internship travels straight back to a working laboratory where it can be efficiently put to use in a local setting. The interns return home with the knowledge and methods to create the solution locally from the ground up.

We learn a lot from these experienced interns! Many years of working closely with the staff at the RTKCs also means that ARC has close friends and colleagues all around the world. Your donation is 100% spent on living expenses and makes the internship program possible.

Please help if you can.