Justa, Dos por Tres, Patsari Stoves!

Dos por Tres Stove with Chimney, photo courtesy of Proyecto Mirador

During an ETHOS panel discussion on Cooking, Health, and Climate, it was great to see that the Justa stove with chimney protected health so well. Chimneys are mandated by law in the USA/Europe/China and many other countries. When Mahatma Gandhi returned to India from England he introduced chimneys as a logical upgrade of kitchens.

The WHO (2018) listed five prescriptions to protect health:

  1.  Use only clean household energy when available 
  2. While waiting for gas, use technologies like low-emission biomass cook stoves
  3. Minimize the time children spend around smoky fires
  4. Increase ventilation
  5. Install a chimney

Functional chimneys are the historical first step to protect health.  It’s so pleasant to sit and chat in the clean kitchen when a Justa, Dos por Tres, or Patsari stove is being used! Following up with improved combustion efficiency helps to protect climate and outdoor air quality.

A Justa Stove with chimney, photo courtesy of Stove Team International
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